Improve Your Quality of Life

Improve Your Quality of Life

Stretch your spine with spinal decompression

Does your back hurt all the time? Non-surgical spinal decompression from Vitality Chiropractic, P.C. can help. During our session, you'll lie on a table with a movable lower component that we control with a computer. By stretching your spine, any herniated or bulging discs will settle back into place and key nutrients and healing fluids will flow into your spine. We use a Kennedy Decompression Table with neural flex technology for best results.

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Learn about the advantages of spinal decompression

Is your back, neck or arm pain caused by sciatica, pinched nerves or herniated spinal disks? Whatever the cause, you can benefit from spinal decompression sessions at Vitality Chiropractic, P.C.

Spinal decompression can:

  • Increase spine flexibility
  • Improve the range of motion in your spine
  • Help promote healing

You won't feel any pain during the treatment-many of our patients find the experience enjoyable. We can also pair spinal decompression with physical therapy techniques, such as heat, ultrasound and electric stimulation.

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